Positive Approaches to Behaviour and Safer De-escalation | eLearning

6 modules



Course Length
135 mins




This eLearning course is designed for frontline staff who may encounter complex behaviours in their care of service users. It has six modules and an estimated completion time of 2 hours and 15 minutes, but this will vary for each learner. 


Part One | Positive Approaches to Behaviour (1h 20m)

The first three modules explore positive and proactive approaches to managing behaviours of concern based on respect for the individual and an understanding of their needs. Each module can be completed individually. Combined, these three eLearning modules map to Maybo's certified classroom module 'Positive Approaches to Behaviour'.


Module 1  |  Risks, Rights and Responsibilities  |  30 minutes

  • Defining behaviours of concern
  • Planning to reduce risks and vulnerabilities
  • Rights and responsibilities


Module 2  |  Understanding Human Behaviour  |  30 minutes

  • Common causes of risk behaviours
  • Instinctive reactions to emotional or threatening situations
  • Potential triggers in self and others
  • Levels of escalation


Module 3  |  Positive Interactions and Choices  |  20 minutes

  • Meeting people's needs and expectations
  • Influencing positive outcomes
  • Overcoming barriers to communication


Part Two | Safer De-escalation (55m)

These modules explore de-escalation strategies to resolve a difficult situation and achieve a positive and safer outcome while maintaining personal safety. Combined, these three eLearning modules map to Maybo's certified classroom module 'Safer De-escalation'.


Module 4  |  Dynamic Risk Assessment and Decision Making  |  20 minutes

  • Maybo SAFER model
  • Risk identification
  • Informed decision-making


Module 5  |  Skills Preventing Escalation |  20 minutes

  • Positive, non-aggressive approaches
  • Safer positioning and teamworking skills 
  • Strategies to defuse, calm and resolve


Module 6  |  Personal Safety and Post-incident  |  15 minutes

  • Responding to behaviours of concern
  • Heightened risk indicators
  • Exit strategies in higher-risk situations
  • Post-event impact and responsibilities


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Maybo eLearning Certificate

Risks, Rights and Responsibilities
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Understanding Human Behaviour
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Positive Interactions and Choices
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Dynamic Risk Assessment
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Skills Preventing Escalation
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Personal Safety and Post Incident
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